Little Paintings, 5×5″, for those with little walls, or those who have a lot of paintings, or groupies by Greene Mann






  1. I want them all, $50 each, please prepare for pick-up in person next week. Love you, biggest fan.


    1. wow i had to see what was here. all ten?
      I fixed up dancing and running , it’s supurb . #2 I have to find . #3 is bigger, lucky you it was for my yoga class but I missed it. so lucky you again. #4 I love , strangely ? it reminds me of a manray.
      #5 just came back from the plastic surgeon and had her bludging lids fixed. She definitely would have been asked for her hand. please be good to her.#6 oh my god, how will I tell him. Oh goody he’s going to. Now you can plan the wedding .
      #7 I didnl’t want to tell them how cold it is in Canada,Maybe they’ll think Detroit is warmer. #8 howard glazer likes this nd he usually only likes guitars. Murray likes it too. #9 magic trick .The bird flies into her hands and disappears. Sorry . #10. Now where did they move to? Geez I didn’t realize how difficult this would be. My second sale on the net. Now I know what sale # 2 feels like.

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