Blog Overload, Bloggers ever been Carried Away? Love Life? Mankind? the Planet?

This is my new blog . I used to have so many blogs that I decided to spare my reader havoc by having just one.

Art and Elephants, two subjects ranking high in the ether spheres was bound for success. However other topics crept in capturing my interests, so on and on.

I have discovered bloggers are resourceful and venture where they will. If they like you they will find you.

An Artist’s Statement:  Seems Like a Million Miles and a Million Paintings

It’s been said that art defines a cultural era. Reconstructing world events, I paint a new view of the situation in question. Camouflage and chicanery provide innovative alternatives to destructive weapons used by the leaders of genocide; however, proposals for a world community is a better answer. I have a plan for a highly innovative dramatic military operation that would make a lot of military enemies. Yes, O.K. call to the Pentagon.

make a difference
make a difference

The Hathors,from my home planet, On the Edge, entertain a style of haute couture. Redressing the planet after it’s been blown to pieces with lovely posh, flimsy garments which will remind the world that closet racks sporting cruelty, war, and human suffering are not in fashion. The Declarations of a World Community are far more fashionable.

avant guard, oh you don't like it, tomorrow will be here soon
avant guard, oh you don’t like it, tomorrow will be here soon

So with brush in hand I must again hit the battlefields of life and take out the awful smut, and tars that are here on the planet.
A rebirth for myself and the planet are the next creations. Subconscious thoughts, dreams and unseen possibilities are new attainable achievements. It’s the birth of a new world.



  1. All the best for your new blog. I like the part where you say bloggers are resourceful and venture where they like. I think wriers are creative too. write whatever fancies your interest 🙂
    Thanks for the follow 🙂


      1. i’l love to feature some of your art, if that ok with you. shall incorporate it in my stories. will you please read some of my fiction, and see if you can come up with something. 🙂


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