My Go Fund Lung Link has an Altering Effect. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

Oh my goodness thank you all so much. I was on my way to a healing meditation thing, and was having a shitty day but my supporters gave me such love and $ that I really moved on and wanted to post my feelings of love and amazement.

Unfortunately I lost the post twice and the third time my feelings have become a bit tainted, after losing the initial ping, zap. But I’ve got it back as I reflect on the fame and fortune of the art world and I realize I have my own little nest of truth. People who care and say this is a person who has devoted her life to changing the world as she puts her images on canvas and paper. And you have acknowledged and supported me, even spending money. This should knock out some of that evil cancer I made within.

I think 90% of my art career was practicing and working going through my own growing spurts, discovering my focus and voice so I could produce meaningful things, art for and from me.

Each donation brought back memories of how special my patrons are. My first, Chris King wrote how he would like some of my paintings, how did he know.  One of my great memories of Chris is his performance at Judd’s studio. He wildly sprinted, soared, danced across the floor, a devilish  gleam in his eye,  capturing his great spirit, his artistry. Thank you Chris, pick your wish.recent 1-17-2011 12-12-054

Margaret, so smart she became an art  therapist, making art and liberating souls. I always know that when Margaret likes it, I did good. It knocked me out when she wanted to buy Rhino Heroine. I was on cloud  9 when I began making the



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