Today’s Eco World 2015 : The Red Lobster Sanctuary, Refugees, The Dental Killer, and the Last Tree.

Eco World , with Politics, the Red Lobster Sanctuary Welcomes All

The artist and server present a satirical and humorous view of today’s world. With ongoing concern for displaced animals, unprotected, no representation, the server leaves her job and watches as the lobsters are scooted into airplanes, no longer in the cargo department bust as guests. They are welcomed by the Red Lobster Sanctuary with open claws. Those who haven’t been cooked are brown but all are welcomed.(center)

(Bottom right) The refuges are being told the country is full, go back, but they don’t understand as there is no border to be seen. Anyways they are just moving through.

(Lower left), The Dentist who killed Clarence the Greatest Lion on Earth, for his head has been sentenced. He will perform scoop and poop activities at the Reserve, along with other poachers.
(Center) The last tree.

Barbaragreenemann October 6, 2015


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