A Plea to Oprah and the Pianist Who Played Beethovan to Heal the Hearts of Saved, Tortured Elephants. Heal ,Heal

Please my heart breaks, I feel the pain as I am a prisoner in my world too. Please tell Edmonton Valley Zoo, Canada to let Lucy go so she can connect after 35 years alone. Why hasn’t anyone, even Bob Barker who offered a million dollars, been able to do this. Oprah I know you have the power. to get this on the go. Someone sent her a blanket and the zoo refused to let her wear it.

Rich your music can do wonders, send them a CD?

When her case went in front of the Supreme Court, they said it was a waste of time. and threw it out. What an insult to the Canadian people. What an insult to God’s lonely creature. Edmonton Valley Zoo, the second worst in the world.

Please I’m begging you Oprah and Rich to call them. All the facts are here barbaragreenemannandlucy.wordpress.

I have cancer again 3rd time, 2 surgeries and no lung left to cut. This is my last plea and to show my art work to change the world . How can 10 board members, make 1000,000,00 cry. Lucy only cries in her heart as her she has become resigned. The whole world can feel it.

barbara greene mann

Her opening song was Born Free now it's Cry Me A River
Her opening song was Born Free now it’s Cry Ma A River


  1. Hi Barbara…I like your work and plea….how are you my friend? Where are you? Do you still live in the same bldg? Hope you are managing.


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