Did these events make me the person I am today? and our souls are one.





We need you to tell us wice-cream-heals-allho you are, what you do and how you wish to be involved? I sent you interview questions which we never got back from you nor did we receive a submission?
So if you could send us some info about yourself, what you do, what you wish to do then we can start from here.

This sounded so good that this is where I’ll start too. It’s about me and Lucy, the Edmonton elephant and how our lives have intertwined. Lucy represents all those who have no voice and are stuck, somewhere, someplace and so I have become her voice and she has become my heart and our souls are one. I love you Lucy

I am a visual artist and I paint narrative stories that can change, heal, stimulate or support the audience’s view point. of the world.

I am a writer and love to write about my paintings. Sometimes humor or a satiric comment can intensify my viewpoint but I am constantly battling for people to look and not blindly accept what the world or someone pushes their way.
My art career had a setback when I went back to University to become an Occupational Therapist. In the eighties, I was living, rent-free as my building’s pipes burst. The water cascaded over the front of the building sealing my entry. No key could penetrate this fortress and I began to resent the fact I  was locked in or out  at five o’clock when the business next door closed.   Standing in a shower surrounded by space heaters, I realized I was living in an unhealthy environment.

My house has just burned down.

My boyfriend shook his head and left.
Not too many choices, rather forced to move to the studio, the ice palace. I was twenty.
My mother told me to move out when she remarried,as she could not have another woman in her home.
My father’s new wife said I couldn’t live with them as my car did not meet the subdivision’s exterior view.
No where to go, I parked my car in the Bi-Way Super market’s lot, hoping I wouldn’t be killed in the night.
By the way my psychiatrist asked me if I would like to be his little girl, which was intended in good faith but I was a sick teenager and never went back.
I never listed what factors influenced my being but the list grows and grows. And to top it off I was bulimic and smoked pot.

Hey I was a child of divorce, when divorce was unheard of and spent my early childhood developmental years crying under trees at the Oak Park Park. I was grossly over weight, child of a bulimic mother.

These events molded my belief systems and then I molded them to fit my being, the things that made my gut react.

Truth, compassion and loving respect for the planet and it’s inhabitants are what I seek for all.
This is what my lifelong career as an artist showed me and now I share it with you.
Enjoy and learn.


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