An Extra Push can Make All the Difference, if Filled with Good Intentions. But what if it’s blocked by an Outdated Belief System.


To me Lucy’s story disrespects our citizens, animal protectors, contemporary values and morality in 2015.


Old beliefs can hinder the ability to make changes, keeping the believer locked in and blind to the possibilities ahead. Is the road marked with a flashing stop sign or has it been washed away?

Poor Lucy, the Edmonton Valley Zoo captured her as an orphaned baby. She’s been alone for 36 years; she may not even have a clue that she’s an elephant. The Zoo has deprived her of her birth right and a first class ticket out. The one offered to the zoo by Bob Barker in 2009 and on his repeat visit in 2015. “Lucy is the poorest elephant on the planet, Poor, poor Lucy,” he said.
The Supreme Court threw out the Canadian People’s request for a repeal trial. “Stop wasting our time” was their reply.
Hey, who voted them in? Were they appointed by Premier Harper? Or the work of his Harpies?

Sorry if I diverged a bit, but I have cancer and it’s tougher to summon all my strength to get her over,over the wall and over the Zoo’s faulty directive. I mean both mentally and physically. My concentration lessens and I am all “over the map.”

Forgetful I only pray I remember OUR battle to get her to the Sanctuary and have time to meet and stroke her trunk, letting our souls converse. It will be a positively joyful, soon to be, event? I can make it happen.
Excuse me…

Aside (privately,to myself)
Listen if Bob Barker, citizens across Canada, Cher, the Oilers, friends of Lucy and a million dollars couldn’t make this happen, why do you think you can?
My intent is stronger, fiercer.
Please go sit down said My Higher Self.

Hmph. I have a few secret tips too.

Aside her Higher Self whispered,
Babs, don’t sweat the small stuff.


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