Be Impressed Daddy; I Am. Success and recognition doesn’t come around too often, but how Cool

I found the AWARDS section on Artslant and how wonderful to find this page.
I’m An Artslant Showcase Winner in Round 6 and Round 4 and …

Lucy and the girls went out dancing and everyone wore their customs, except for Lucy. It’s O.K. Lucy, I’ll let the seams out, next time.
Tip: Hit the photo and it will become bigger.

6th 2015 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner
Lucy Goes Out with the Girls for an Interesting Evening.   For Sale
Category: mixed-media
4th 2015 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner
Carried Away
Category: drawing
1st 2012 Showcase Winner
Faux Zoo Map
Category: drawing

Then I opened my door and found a  letter from Toronto Housing stating the annual inspection would be this week.  In spite of the fee for the awards page it was a lot more fun to find. As I recall I had an annual inspection three months ago.

More aptly retitled: Annual Review quarterly.

Just need to straighten a bit. link to gifts for my go fund me /heal lung cancer

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  1. Congratulations on the Artslant Awards, Barb, which are well-deserved! About the straighten up a bit – I have found that when I straighten up I can’t find anything! It looks to me like you have well-ordered chaos going on; there might be some exciting creative surprises hidden in there!


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