A Well Spoken and Understandable Reflection of an Artist’s Life and Work

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSometimes it takes another artist to show you the way, thank you Julian Lennon

This is so true , as I look around my studio and see piles of paintings.

I think I should sell everything for 25 cents.But it took at least 4 days to make this drawing, 8 hours a day, and that’s less than, forget it, minus fractions? People say they like them,  cheer up their walls. They want to protect and support  life, keep away burglars, and  the cold, wild things.

They bring joy, love, as the picture begin a conversation, and brings a feeling.

A piece of art  reflects an artist’s long journey. It belongs on a wall, not in a pile or a closet. It’s to be viewed.This is what brings the artist’s work come to life.

Barbara Mann’s photo.

Watch out, another painting is stacking up.
Watch out, another painting is stacking up.

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