Lucy’s Dressed For the Holidays


Lucy is aglow, she’s ready ready to go anywhere.    A murmur is heard, thank you,                           thank you, thank you. We love you too Lucy.

Lucy you are a delight, would you be the cover for my only ever Christmas Card?

Forget it. So sorry , where ‘s the picture?  Only a little pitiful smudgeon with a square. This is terrible. Holiday Greetings? It’s that new updated version of word press. Beware felonious words. And I thought all was well in Bethlehem.  

Lucy get up. Please they’ll forgive us? Will you ? Leave a cheery comment. Lucy can read it later, she fainted.

One card is 10 $ and three for 26$, Just email me or comment and I can mail them to you. Buy  them now and be ahead of the game for next year.  Or graduation? Nice. all occasions.

Remember me as I Always Remember You, with Joy.

Which blogger said this, “Elephants need Elephants and People Need Art?” Not anonymous. 

Me, yours truly, barbara greene mann.

Lucy’s dressed for the Holidays

Really bloggers are the best and I couldn’t imagine fighting holiday crowds. I don’t have to as I am too broke to buy presents, and who would I give them to. I have mythtic grandchildren, I’ll have to draw them . Besides I’m Jewish without a clue what to do. , Jewish people don’t typically have a tree or celebrate Christmas. Although I had a tree once and Jesus was Jewish.  I think I’ll leave now, before someone gets mad? or wants a present. 

I went to a Salvation Army shelter for Christmas.  It was…

Hey wait, Rudolph can you give me a lift home?


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