Healing Music and Generous Hearts

She's Wild, Captivating, and Plays as she floats though the Air
She’s Wild, Captivating, and Floats
The Piano Man has Lots of Hands
The Piano Man has Lots of Hands
The Piano Man has Lots of Hands
The Piano Man has Lots of Hands
One Leg, He Didn't Mind
One Leg, He Didn’t Mind

Double Healing Double Healing[/caption

Healing Music can have a reciprocal effect, like a word unspoken.
Ivan a musical healer came to my house once and when he played I could feel a swelling of happiness in my lungs, then we sang together and that really felt good. Then he moved to Vancouver and he generously gave me his dulcimer so I could play and heal myself.

Bt truthfully I usually paint ands find myself always going, going, to finish a piece, as my mind weaves a journey and I too want to see where it ends. Sometimes I can’t stop, which isn’t always good. That’s me, rather obsessed.
I do have more paintings of more healers, but another day.
Here is their website and do tell anyone you know who would benefit from a musical healing journey, http://www.musiccanheal.org


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