How to Publicize a Tragedy or Turn in the Keys Now, Please Do.

War Begins at Home
War Begins at Home

The mentality that gives men guns, pits, and tells them to kill seems to be missing the point of humanity and the fact that man has brains and can create new possibilities.
I have plenty of ideas and a main thrust that it’s now or when?

I sat all week end and saw ISIS shooting into the air, at no one because no one was left. I just don’t get it .

I don’t get why poor Lucy can’t go to a Sanctuary and be with her own , elephants need elephants.

A board of 10 ignorant people determine her fate. They won’t set her free but lie about how wonderful her life is.  She is stuck. Why? She must make the Edmonton Valley Zoo a lot of money.  I’m old, have cancer and dying, and still I continue to fight for her freedom. Join me  because it’s Them or Us. Demand a change people. Can you imagine , this is our world today, killings in Paris, the city of love..




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