Anyone Can be a Scientist These Days

corel pedestrian walkd

Assignment for today: use all 7 terms in a paragraph describing, “How do we know that a theory is true?”

What happens when you put a cat in the micro wave? in the washing machine? or dryer?

Shoot I don’t have any of the above so I can’t experiment.

Since I became a blogger my IQ amassed the highest score

I comment on everything , I go for the core

This student is brilliant, all seven glossary terms were in her reply today
It must have rubbed off, because you all get an A

The scientific method of observation
Will problem solve itself with enough masturbation
My hypothesis is that the rate of speed
Can accelerate the ejaculation and need to seed

Dog poop is a solid ,can you use a cat hiss
To speed up the process and change it into piss
A bunsen burner heats it up, now it is a gas
Then channel it to go back up the canine’s ass?

Excrement may led to an experiment that’s weary
But Einstein and I can channel an outer space theory.



Not everyone wants a guest blogger.
A Scientist states: I appreciate getting comments, but since OSB is G-rated, I could not approve your comment.

Thank you for replying back to me and for the offer, but I’m not looking for contributors at this time.


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