Blind Artist Needs Glasses Or Else She Won’t Be Able to Read the Labels


Oh I was blind but now I see.

I just wrote this post on gofundme and it that makes me so mad well I’ll do it again. Blind and stupid.

My Prognosis: Glasses do not cure cancer but at least you won’t get run over by a bus while your working on it. Auto Quotation

Very Important to make sure there is no sugar, which is said to feed cancer, but I must be very sweet.

The Palliative doctor who comes to my house made an appointment for me to go see the Eye Doctor. He knew I was having problems.  I  was a little late cuz I was tired but I knew the eye doctor would still be there, at least ’til 9 P.M. He was hoping someone would come in. I missed the stop as I couldn’t see the numbers, and it was evident just how much air consumption  I needed as I was really huffing and puffing and nearly walked through the glass door.

Dr. Eyes was happy to see me and he said he was personal friends with Dr.Mozzota so he knew all about me. He said I had advanced lung cancer. Wait a moment, did he say that? In spite of the three new tumors on the right groin and two the left I said the oncologist said it was getting better, like gone in a week. He refused anymore comments.
Then he sent me to “play with the girls”. He said play but he meant try on frames.
Aside, I was typing in outer space,oo I hate that too.

She said,”Expensive?”

I saw a National Geographic, beginning to accompany me to the
toilet. I couldn’t reread it but I could see the apes and gorillas I took the magazine home with me to save until I could see the words.


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