Bob Barker, What a Mench. He Introduced Us, Me and Lucy

Welcome Lucy
Welcome Lucy

In 2009 Bob Barker came to Edmonton to offer a million dollars if the Zoo would liberate Lucy, the elephant and send her to the Sanctuary. They refused and I wondered why? As did many Canadians.

I advocated for the rhinos, apes and those who could not speak for themselves. I had a lot of bad behavior to address.  Again I stood on the side of the Divine, promoting animal protection, addressing the poor behavior of poachers and my quest to protect these creatures. This my job, what I am here to do.
I’m connected to my spiritual family, to God the Father. I feel gratitude and blessed and I know my artwork is important for humanity. I started blogging in 2009 and writing narrations to explain my paintings. My divine connection opened my voice and my heart.

My motive was to open people’s eyes about what was going on, and  the consequences of these actions. And I wrote these as songs that went out into the universe as vibrations. joyous vibrations, increasing my own feelings of happiness too.  Was it the Angels who suggested this?

It did come to me suddenly and it was too angelic for me to think of by myself. I heard it as a whisper in the wind. Thank you, thank you.  I know this is a divine gift. Sometimes it’s the wind I hear but sometimes I know it’s Angels whispering in my ear.

Sorry Lucy , you never made it. Yet…


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