Being heard: Recognize the Artistic Career

Indian tee pee, lovely ventilation.

 Indian tee pee, lovely ventilation.


It’s beyond belief, Bloggers, how much I can feel for you, and spout off a bit of wisdom and concern. I hope I didn’t overstep that line.

A blogger’s daughter made an awesome drawing.    Many thanks, as her Mom wrote me back.

She’s a musician, artist and writer currently studying at University. She is 20. I’m her mother and my love for her is endless
(of course!)
Tip two you
What love: I felt her pride. Her top qualities are the top qualities for the world, but these  will poison her mind.

Stand united and take it from me, 28 years of a life of poverty is beyond belief and grief.

Granny Greene dabbing her eyes with a carefully arranged kerchief.

My tip to  you two:

Include: Oh illustrious child, a course in web design
You will survive just fine.
Beauty takes you there
Everywhere in every site you define
A silhouette unique for the over worn site
And a service with a motto to inform each night
Chuck out conform
We re-form a new look of You

Don’t take anything for granted, look, overturn the leaves, and rake for yourself.

How poetic, Emily. Thank you George.


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