Lucy and Gaia have Met Before this Ecological Blunder

What a glamorous useful tree.

Lucy says, ” so sad  what humans have done to Gaia. What a glamorous useful tree t his was.”

McDonald’s, the largest consumer with the most cows producing the most Ethan gases,and other fast foods services needed the land. Trees were used without concern of the destruction that would come, and the short term employment ruined native forests and jungles that housed wild animals, and ruined the native’s lands. Who let them do this?
The limbs provided safe dwellings for birds who had no where to build nests. Picnickers fought over a square of shade. People were burnt to a crisp and on and on.
Glorious forests gone but could be visited in homes and sat upon and used from doors to tables until they splintered and lined the streets, waiting garbage pickup and now could fill landfills.


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