Buddha Blesses New Book for Barbara and Lucy

How fleeting thoughts are. Ever you ever wondered, where am I going? How fleeting thoughts are . Ever you ever wondered, where am I going?

I love Buddha. He came up with the stuff.
Zillions of people suffering; he says, It’s all an illusion.
Suffering, it is said, toughens people, but it makes me cry and feel horrible. Then I overcome it by eating 20-30 candy bars and watch TV for 2-3 days straight. My cancer loves that.

Lucy says,” I cry and cry, not for myself but for the people who allow this to happen, unnoticed and unconcerned.”
Don’t worry, Lucy, they’ll understand.

This is the tree where Buddha became enlightened .Many people made pilgrimages, from everywhere. For many it did just the opposite and it became the site of unenlightenment.


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