Will This Ever End? All Magic Words Accepted, Indeed potions as well

Hi Fellow Bloggers and Friends
Life is barren without someone to tell, Lost phone. Can’t even call to tell why I don’t answer if by a quirk you dialed.
Published my first book, too tricky for me to preview , the cover is gorgeous and after a friend bought it, it won’t open.
The next day my computer stopped turning on. The world is becoming more distant. My old mac has no cord but it worked in the past.
Last night I bought a new cord and a bag of chips, not on cancer diet, but sometimes a soul needs a tender crunch and this am, check signal cord, told me what to do.
Over and out blinky. An hour at the library is always a joy but they said I couldn’t upload new pictures.
And I have begun my new, first children’s book. Yes the drawings are terrific and the clock winds backwards as well as to the right.

Thoroughly disgusted I decide to make pictures of dogs. Three Dr. dogs pressed their noses into my good fortune that day and I drew pictures with collage that my idea of selling them for 20$ each, I need 140 $ for Simpson oil seemed reckless as the pictures are wonderful.
I guess when death barks at your door and you have a need, prices go up, down or merely spin. Love to all



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