A Look , A Peak, A Window, What Should We Call This? Hey Lucy, The New Forward

Lucy's, Our Dream
Lucy’s, Our Dream

How about a Teaser!

Oh Lucy You are wild with your dream to be a star, a singer.  Remember Lucy what your true desire is. Yes to return home and be with your family. To be the creature you were born to be, a Matriarch of the Herd.

Tears fall as she hears her truth. Has the Edmonton Valley Zoo robbed her of her birthright?   Have they lost sight of a modern zoo’s higher goals for the animal kingdom?

Id  like to  ask our  latest Canadian citizens are these the values and behaviour they associate with the Canadian morality?

How many Canadians must it take to make an elephant happy?

I haven’t forgotten you Lucy. I have dreams too.

Oh I forgot to tell you. My lung cancer tumour shrunk from 7.5 to 5.7 without chemo.

My friend Donald said it’s because I have a positive attitude and eat healthier. Don’t give up.Night Buddy.



      1. Hi Barb! So glad things are A+. I’m still editing – I’m on Chapter 6 – and the novel’s changed quite a bit. I’m taking my time with it at the moment – no rush. I’ll have a look on Amazon for your book. Kim x


      2. Kim the cover is there but it won’t open . I have to re send it to them . My computer broke after I sybmitted it and it;s impossible at the library. I used a friend’s computer soe 12 hours and couldn’t do it so my friend didand I’ll put it on a flash drive today. Now I ‘m making a mini version because I may be doing and making my first one woman show. at the moment this man is fyrious with me and sceamed people go to University 4 years to do this.
        and I should pay someone. but it ended there with an empty pocket. So I saw I’ll get it ? the title is Two Souls: Lucy and Me, A Memoir of an Artist and an Elephant Crusading for Justice and Love. I said it all.

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