Missing You, Tears Included

Dreaming of the Sanctuary will we be united
Tears roll down our eyes
Fabricated dreams
Made from fabricated lies.

Let's Talk, We Gotta' Change our Way of living and not be so weepy. Let's have fun.

Let’s Talk, We Gotta’ Change our Way of living and not be so weepy. Let’s have fun.

Inhuman diginataries, zoo keepers did this too
Threw away the key and its killing you
Nobody knows the pain like we do,
Nobody knows the pain let’s sue.

Here’s your old age check
Ain’t you glad you made it
But not for long you will be sedated
For the weaning
No glasses, no dental cleaning
Big brother is to blame
Eye fire inflicts anguish, he is insane

Every now and then I hear a word or two
Mybe I can bend a note, a rule, all I can do
Is to hold my own hand like Lucy holds her tail
Foulness drools from my lips as I wail

Is life any different somewhere?
Yep somewhere it’s different.
Goodnight, off to ponder away,
Jesus is here, please Lord save our next day.


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