One Day Away Before My First Show. Do you Live in Toronto? Ontario? Can you Come?

I’ll put you up. Please
Seriously I know this is short notice but I was given this opportunity 6 days. I was trying to fix my book at the same time on Amazon.

I failed to tell you as I wanted it to be a surprise.

Two Souls:Lucy and Me A Memoir of an Artist and an Elephant, Crusaders for Justice and Love

It took a while for me to figure it out with no help but I thought I had it. I made a beautiful cover and put all the pages in HTML. I had problems zipping it up but finally off it went.
Then a friend tried to buy it but it wouldn’t open. Amazon thought about it and told me to redo it and send 8t my computer was mysteriously sending a signal that it couldn’t connect to the monster.
Wal-Mart’s computer would not open and Roger’s tech said it
s drive was packing and leaving for a vacation soon. ‘Incidentally I had lost my cell phone.

Furthermore to fight my cancer I had enlisted kale, hating it, I was looking for other cooking options. Susie my volunteer angel made chips and I was in love. I now cooked it when I didn’t burn it. unfortunately one night I through a piece in my mouth, uncooked it jammed in my throat. I was choking, coughing but God was there and pulled it out.

My denture broke in half. It was repaired, yesterday but it needs adjusting and has paid me back for every swear word I have uttered.
So the point is I need an audience and you will be in a happy spot for an hour or so. My God, I’m begging , O.K.
Remember we, the Statue of Liberty, love the underdog, the sick and the poor, so come . Act like her. You won’t need a flashlight.
This is a dream from my teen years when I sang Barbra Streisand songs in front of a mirror. I wanted to be like her with my own nose,
Let the silent anguished painter out.
barb Mann

8-9:3 p.m. at 401 Richmond, cornor of Spandina , one block below Queen at Donald Quans Musideum which is closing March 39, 2016.

Believe me I have enough paintings and need a new avenue. thanks

PS Lung Cancer update, largest tumour shrank from e.8 to f.7 with diet alone, NO CHEMO>

Can I be a Writer if I am Not Disciplined?
Can I be a Positive Enlightened Being if the voodoo Do has a hold on me or surely on this sticky keyboard.

IOh Please let me introducing Mother Nature.

 Oh I better hide my identity. Who cares> but I'll say a few words, to Howie. He's such a good boy.

Mother Nature says to herself, Maybe I better conceal my identity. Who cares, but I’ll say a few words, to Howie. He’s such a good boy. Did I tell  you that I’m on the cover of her book. I do need to feel treasured after I have been fracked and polluted. Some people just need to have more education and to open their minds.

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