Thieves come in Many Forms, Let me Present the Smile Thief

A smile for you
Great smile. eh?  I drew, as a request per someone, somewhere ,to make little sick kids smile. Free of course. Kids yeah.

Jumping ahead I was riding my bike and I flipped. My denture severed my gums and went behind my eye sockets. It was terrible.

So eventually I went to CAMH in Toronto as someone had arranged this specially for me, not too outrageously priced.

Then the smile appeared. He liked it and put it in a box with screws to the wall. This one I remarked

wasn’t a gift,  How about fifty bucks? No, said Dr. Sun, no money.

Well I pointed out all the other offices had art and paid the artists real cash.

NO, NO. he said.  I mentioned he could talk to the head of the department. He said No, I am the head, that was him. I should have known.

Well to no one’s surprise, the smile still hangs on his wall.


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