A Pretty Face, the cover of my New Book, is Empty. Their is a Correlation Here. Trust Me.

A Beautiful cover, like a Pretty face  can also hide a shallow non-working brain.  But I never thought this,no.  It’s a remark that a jealous grump or a woman filled with turpitude towards an attractive beautiful female which she could never be, would make.

But in the case of my book the insides have never been completed since the computer broke and really it’s a bit temperamental.

I thought Amazon was going to help me but they said it even gave them trouble and everything needs reformatting.  Futile but now I think it should be a real book with pages, ink and a cover, something you could sink your brain into, like a  sandwich fits in between teeth.

Mother Nature Adorns My Cover

costs more than pixels but sometimes it’s not the gift but the thought that counts and I’d really like to make a good first impression.

So I am working away and will keep you posted. How lucky you read my posts, well the others may never find out and  I may be sold out.

I do confess I am feeling giddy as I haven’t been back blogging for awhile . I have some new paintings to share soon as I have been having, never mind.

More photography is awaiting . OK , they’re calling me. yikes , goodbye for now.



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