Imagine, A great way to Blow Away a Day.

Imagine, all the people
Imagine, all the people













Last night I went to a music meetup.  Four female singers, all so different taking turns, everyone,  all the musicians acknowledged, and loved. Good work .

Ever heard of garage bands?  People get the kids into the garage, an instrument, not a gun , in their hands and turn up those amps.

Let’s face it not everyone wants to make music so  as an alternative, pens papers and paint.

Too artsy, think about it, drowning puppies… boo. Jumping off the roof…ow.

Back to work.

Looking at a photo Donna Posted today before we left for home.

Wow I have such a giant smile on my face. So great I was singing as the first bus zoomed by. It was a  long wait but I’m still singing. Got up, editing photos for art stuff but on YOUtube singing. I was going to post John Lennon’s Imagine, and after someone said to then sing it on Karaoke. Whew you’re buzzing and smiling. Now please … sing !

However only your mother may think you’re a rock star.

Thanks everyone a great night.


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