Two Acts: Elizabeth Carr’s Mother is in the Audience and Clarence , the first Las Vegas Disabled Performer

Between me and Liz
Between me and Liz

Liz your performance in Toronto was suburb. I loved when you said ,”Don’t tell my social worker I can hold a microphone. She’ll put me to work.” Actually Audience it was suspended by threads.

When you bound out of the chair to shake hands, I was hallucinating. And I had to draw your before and after picture. I hope you enjoy this. I may have gotten a bit carried away, but we all have been there, haven’t we? Liz I do feel a bit like your alter ego.

Please be humble Babs. I do hope you remember me Barb






















Clarence liked to wow people. He asked for help to pay off his mortgage and drown puppies, lol.

He took a poll (bottom center) and he was more highly regarded than Paris Hilton. Sorry Paris.



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