The Performance Players :The Announcer, Her Story and more, Jess, and another Announcer

Can someone see the spot? Is it on ? On me, asked the blind announcer.
Can someone see the spot? Is it on ? On me, asked the blind announcer.

She came on stage without giving the audience a clue.I never knew until I drew her, close up

that she was blind. She had a seeing eye dog, a cane, and an old friend.


Jess’ story is about body image, love from her Mother  and the changes that occur as one ages. The signer has her own special way to tell the story.

The Man in the lower left has a disabled arm because his mother had taken thalidomide. He sang a beautiful song as well.

This was Lucy’s, the elephant singer who came with me, favorite act  cause she really liked the singer’s personality and his little hands.  She said the signer was so descriptive. She tried signing but she hit a girl in the head with her trunk; the girl was O.K. Lucy signed up for a class and promises she will wait untill it’s over.


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