Do You Know A Thought Provoking Person? Let me Share Mine

Lightworkers, humans, ascend with the planet, respect and love the earth, our home, and it's peoples and creatures.
Lightworkers, humans, ascend with the planet, respect and love the earth, our home, and it’s peoples and creatures.

Introducing Debi Zimmermann!

You may have heard  about Lucy the Captive elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.  The Zoo will not release her to go to the Sanctuary.   I feel humiliated by the Zoo’s disregard  for public opinion. I feel humiliated by a Justice system that states this is a waste of their time.  In my POV, they are acting, very “Uncanadian.”

Nevertheless I was researching elephant care and chanced upon, an Edmonton resident  who knew and visited Lucy throughout her life.  Ms Zimmerman was born and lived in Edmonton.

She became a vet and wrote a  thesis on everything about elephants, living in their own climate, social behaviour, well-being, care, etc. Her information substantiated I believed and knew.  I have a medical degree so I recognized a need to simply this information to make it more accessible to the public. I put it in lay terms and broke it down into multiple discussions making it easier to digest.

When Debi sends me a post, I take notice.  She wrote of a monk who needed money for food, who would not ask for himself. He said, ‘Monks don’t have to eat a lot but his 17 yr. old daughter does.”

I know this is true for myself, needing help and too shy to ask, I am an old hippy, thinking everything will be ok, sharing and caring, love and harmony. This is only minimally found in today’s world but those who respect and love the planet are now called light workers.

And I say, ” Good we shall overcome.  “


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