My Simple Kitchen Tools, Fight Cancer with Food

Updating my kitchen with these simple tools can make  food preparation easier, in our cancer fight,  ha ha  nasties.   After all some things you have to cook to eat. Some eat it raw but my jaw gets tired so I roast now a days. I think it’s better than boiling which removes a lot of the nutrients but if you boil do drink or use the remaining liquid.  In my opinion boiling makes the veggies mushy but roasting leaves the pieces more intact.

Now I read garlic is a great fighter for a lot of things. Remember it was a weapon to eradicate vampires. These were hard battles requiring ingenious weapons  Garlic was also worn as jewelry and a reasonable explanation why so many single women survived the fatal bite of the vampire. Eventually the silver bullet brought them down.

Here’s a simple tip: If you have already placed the vegetables in the pan to roast and forgotten the garlic, simple dump it in between the bars on the shelf and you don’t have to touch the hot pan or pull out the rack. Simple!

Money saving options from the art of survival.
Money saving options from the art of survival.



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