Oncologist says No Treatment Recommended

I have prefect cancer. June10,2016
I have prefect cancer. June 10, 2016

Wait a minute, I’m giving myself treatment with food.  She responded by saying it was always slow growing.  So it hasn’t grown but it may?  Now I’m nervous again. Well do you want to come in? Since you know the results you can come in at the end of July or September.  I’m on vacation in August.

OMG I thought she’s leaving all those nervous chemo people alone.

Don’t worry to me, your cancer is perfect; it hasn’t grown.

Wait , I thought how can  cancer be perfect.  Is it just sitting there?  on vacation like you, contemplating, packing?  She didn’t say.

So My Cancer Treatment program is good, endorsed by Dr. Lingus. However my goal is to get this whatever you call it, piece of shit, to shrink.

Thank you, barbara. Can I be a honorary M.D. yet?


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