Southfield High 50th Reunion, The Beginning, Inching My Way


Sweet, so this is the beginning of my painting but room to add your favorite mementos. barb

Gee I can’t remember anybody. I think I was outside smoking the whole 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I do remember Alicia and the lady who passed away. We are still  young.
O.K. say farewell to SHS, it’s decaying in my picture. Bye Northland, I bought a mynah bird there for my 16th birthday but my mom did something with him. He’s probably on the roof looking for me. See the animals are leaving.
The cars on the roof came from barbara L. and the SR. boat trip. On the right, the  football team and the marching band.Bottom left, shows me,  I was kicked out by Mr. Burns for acting sassy, hey I was a Sr. and I was still elected class clown.

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