Do you think Britain’s Brexit will affect the Art Market? Speculations, hmm a Guess

Lucy and me On TV, My Dad was really angry. He said the TV cost 8,000 dollars, not even babies cost that much

barbara greene mann (BABS)right now

I think people would purchase more local art from real artists to bring inspiration and joy into their homes since Britain left the European Union to allow more independence for the Brits. I may be wrong but this is how I see it.

I have been painting 40 years, and have cancer for the third time and  use every cent I have now from my old age pension for organic food and alternative treatments. This limits my bmissions to shows and galleries who ask for  moderate  but still inaccessible fees. Understanding that artists need to be seen, so true but gratification is only for those who  pay.

Does it seem that “starving artists” can paint for those who love art with a different worldly view and not solely for investors?


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