This is Dedicated to the Graduating Class of 1966, and the Boy I Love.

Then a true switch fun, sensible, insatiable memorabilia that we remembered, our lives, our times, our reunion. Say it isn’t so. I’m not sure where I was, a light flashed I went to Dondero, cuz we lived in Huntington Woods. Then we moved across from the Zoo and I went to Southfield, but only my senior year. I’m a bit jealous because you guys did good bonding and made lasting friendships. And I didn’t get to go on the boat because 1. I probably didn’t know to go. 2. Mr Burns kicked me out of school for three days cuz of my sexual equations.3. And my 5$ allowance wouldn’t have gone too

My 2 best friends aren’t even here. Judy Miller and Ruthie.
Alan Harvath was sort of my boyfriend. He wore a letter sweater and wrote about sports for the school paper. Phew how shallow can I get.
And I made this boy cry in my English Class cuz I debated there wasn’t a God and It said there was. O.K. I changed my mind.
Anyways I had Ms. Lawrence for English. She influenced my life in a very strange way and I’ll save that for another day.

Boy I do get so philosophical some days, but I was thinking that High School is really where experiences turn into values and mold you into the social beings, friends, over 60 years olds that you are. I wasn’t going to come because I know so few people , but you’re in my class and I’m lucky to have discovered all this goodness that I somehow didn’t get, but discovered in you creating my, OUR Reunion painting. Congratulations Classmates.
 The Class of 1966
The Class of 1966


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