“I’ll Be Seeing you for Christmas.” How Many Canadians Does It Take to Make one Elephant Happy?

Lucy and the Poacher Lucy and the Poacher

Dear Prime Minister, Dear Mr.Trudeau. Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

The Board leader wrote me about Lucy, stating she is a people’s elephant. Did she tell them?
That she has adjusted to Edmonton’s weather, duh? A board member told me this.
Debi Zimmermann, A vet from Edmonton said she has watched Lucy deteriorate over the years. She wrote an 80-page thesis that I put into layman terms, a little at a time. Even some school children wrote in saying how sad this made them.
Bob Barker came in 2009 and offered one million dollars for her release to the Sanctuary. they refused. Why? He came back in 2012 and they refused again.
They have been voted the second worst zoo in the world two times.
One of the Edmonton Oilers offered 500,000 for her release.
Cher offered 500,000 as well.
I can’t imagine Canadians acting like this. They must be aliens.
Lucy has a kink in her nose, likely from holding up signs that tell you to eat at McDonald’s. I think she is entitled to Workman’s Comp.
A supervisor made a video showing how nervous she is, alone at night, and is waiting for her handlers as she is scared.
The Zoo stated that the Supreme Court declared Lucy to be their elephant, which I believe is against the law. And last year they threw out the case saying, it was wasting their time. Who do they work for? I am offended that this is how they respond to Canadian citizens. And yet it passes us by.


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