Painter to Performer


Of course I won, I was the biggest

The Waiting Game has a song, a terrific one I may add.

1. The Purseheads piece is tried and daunting but not first.
2. Next the Toothbrush Song. It’s so catchy you could be humming it on the way out.
3. The Blues, very blues
4. Lucy’s Lament
5. Lucy and Me, Our Soul Sharing Collaboration
6. Nobody Knows you When You’re Down and Out and A Change in Me.
7. Since I Won the Lottery
8 Who Do You Love ? Guaranteed to Raise Audience Vibrations
9. Where did my Animal Freedom Songs Go?
Right Here: the Little Whale Song,  Sea World is no World for me. Lucy pleads her case for her Freedom.
10. Million Dollar Baby
11. I’m the Greatest Star


Well first draft, who knows? I could be juggling in 4 days but I have added happiness to the line up. Insightful Babs.
So please come if you are in the Toronto area, parking behind the building.
Monday Night, what else happens on Monday Nights?

One last note my healer asked me to give her a copy of my scan. The  major lesion
has shrunk, by diet alone, 8.1 to 5,7.   These numbers are approximations.But GOOD.
No sugar, no meat or diary. What’s left? KALE..
So  chemo is not the only answer.


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