Political Art: The Well Dressed Wall Starring Hillary Clinton

Get Well
Get Well
bad we didn’t know all along that you were sick as we could have sent prayers, cards, and homemade remedies. My Granny used to say, oh never mind. It’s too complicated and she would have to stay for a few days.

You have some really novel and money saving ideas that Donald would never have thought of, such as cutting military spending to redecorate the White House, the facades, etc. and having them locating them in different remote sites. ISIS would never figure this out and their threats would never find thr high ranking government officials or even the lower members of our nation,us.

It’s so true, people do go on and on, let’s face it accidents happen and there’s more than one way to interpret the truth.
Some of my favorite mottos are allhere.
From the mountains, to the valleys, to the oceans lit with foam.
God Bless America, my home sweet home!!

Hillary this hurt me when you called some Americans deplorable, hey these are my countrymen. Some are stupid, but with more education they could be like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wasn’t always this smart either.Look at how he rose to fame and he’s a refugee, learned English too. The world provides a good education but it doesn’t tell you how to cross your T’s.

Poverty is a real diminisher. It can hurt your I’s and then you’d need glasses and where would they get the money for that.
One last request. Where are the paychecks for artists? Artists never were even on the list for worst paid jobs.If I had known for 50 years it would be like this, get someone else to do the dirty work. Culture bearer paints the era, the 2016 U.S.Election Too.
Http://gofundme.comEat-away-cancer Please assist me with care for alternate cancer treatment. Thanks Hillary.


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