Military Action on Terrorism, CALL THE PENTAGON as Drones provide a brilliant Agenda

Good drone use Good drone use

Photographers can use drones for extraordinary hovering shots. The Military uses drones for attacks ,and ammunition is expensive although deadly.
However instead of spending billions blowing things up, we upload this, ambitious diarrhea, a discovery I made while in the hospital with pneumonia. When I missed the commode the aid told me it happens all the time. Guaranteed, on the third day of IV it comes,then uploaded into drones.
Just set it’s destination and give ISIS some real shit. They’d likely cut their own heads off. Who’s laughing now?

ISIS it’s coming
Streams of airborne rain
Heads up, insane

You’ll be pulling your own heads off
While we laugh ours off.

Now this picture sums it up and one picture is worth a 1000 words, at least.


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