Spinning a Yarn, A Knitting Wrap-Up

A lifetime of Knitting
A lifetime of Knitting

My Mother knit 2 sweaters, one for herself and one for her new husband. I was envious.

At the knit shop  she would tell Mother what to do. Later in life I inherited this sweater and wore it till it unraveled.

I must have knit something because Aunt Betty was going to block it. She said Uncle Bernie locked it in the basement .She was  a Scientologist who they burned in effigy. I was 14 and liked her a lot but then she went crazy   Subconsciously a seed was planted and thirty years later, it emerged. Extraordinary. I went into a knit store in Barrie in 1994 and loved everything. I bought all I could, enough yarn to make 5 sweaters. A frenzied journey of knitting began:

Both were left on the back of a bathroom stall at Sherway Gardens, blue with a black and white v design and
sweater two, purple, black with gold stripes .If anyone knows anything about these missing items please contact me and I’ll forward the rest of the yarn.

I gave my friend’s mother the rest of the yarn as she loved to knit; however, she was senile and became a random knitter. No pattern was ever used and when completed one side of the sweater was several sizes larger than the other. Lovely, but … It’s in a suitcase to be taken apart and reknit. I can update my will if anyone would like this job.
She died and took the rest of the yarn to heaven.

Ten years later, in 1994, I bought a new knit kit but the pattern was harder. Every time I made a mistake I would start over.
Now I have cancer and  determined  to complete one sweater and wear it in this lifetime. Unfortunately, I left my knitting bag somewhere and there is someone happily finishing my project. We’ll meet one day wearing the same sweater. Because I discovered two unmatched sleeves, and enough yarn to make another.

It’s not as much fun as before but  I’m still alive and yes, knitting.


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