Lung Cancer Fighters, An Academy (Secret) Performance, You’ll Love

woe is me, boo hoo                                                                 woe is me, boo hoo.  this is for all cancer  fighters.

This is for all cancer  fighters.Me included  but the best Helpers, esp.if U have LC. coding?

Missed Fri M.D., shit! appointment, no alarm, cell phone stolen. Sounds like a new campaign ??

Inspired by you…

But made it to scan Sat., sign up room teaming. I came back, pacing, I had to tape my lips, finally. They are remolding , section D?? Where is it? A Gandhi-like man showed me, vibes increased. Asked tech for a pen, ?’s , too many ?’s, poor patient care, learn our customs.

There the chair with arms, I hate this, etc, (loudly,I need hearing aids,) bite a band aid, loud buzzing from my lips, help, help.
You’re not the worst, she said.
Oh, what do you do with them?

Good tip, I geared up and went right in. Thankfully I cried you didn’t pinch and tape up my old skin.
In = don’t breath
Out= a green pac man, I never noticed him, but he said, eat cancer, eat cancer, yum , yum.
Don’t Breath.
He didn’t say “something warm” and I never felt it.

dulcimer healing, I doubt it dulcimer healing, I doubt

my link ! please donate if you can. thanks b please donate if you can. thanks b

Prints are available 50$ please let me know. b


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