Needsome Variety, Random Thoughts Work Well, as They Come and Go

Tonight I thought about making something to eat. I mean how can I starve my cancer and retali-ate. Reaching into the depths of my fridge, I discovered three bags of carrots. I’ll make carrot soup. Now in one bag was a very old fat carrot, and in the second bag were nine skinny ones with molding heads and tails and the third bag was new. Compassionate thoughts swirled through my mind as I began to feel for the fat carrot. Hey I was fat as a tween; so I could
totally identify and more than
heart. Then I began thinking about my Mother who passed away last week. Yes bring on the tears and I started crying. But it occurred to me that maybe it was the onion. Oh dear it has a soft spot, does that mean decay has affected the entire onion or only the rotting part. Sometimes I think one way, sometimes the other. Does anyone have some facts on this? please advise.
I took the garbage out.


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