Will These Letters keep your Earth-Life Memories Alive? Fare-Well, Mom, on your Journey Into the Light.

I found letters that were never mailed, lost and now found.

One was returned for insufficient postage. One was especially wonderful posted on your own stationary that you left blank. Little animals and little people, five. I thanked you for giving me new pets and new friends.
A few i wrote told you about my trips to the M.D. for cancer stuff, but they sound more like trips to the Dairy Queen. What size cone does chemo come in?

This is my final present to you Mom. I beautified it and found an envelop addressed to me from you, with fancy script that I know wasn’t yours, or was it?

This feels so final. Another flood of tears. So many friends and family to be with. Now Mom go into the light and don’t look back.

never eat without TV

“Never eat without TV, “Me and My Brother in the Den

Of  course we are waving good by.


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