It’s Working. My Art Career Sucks but my Blogging Career is Soaring. Job at Red Lobster is now out to lunch.

I wish the Edmonton Valley Zoo could have seen this. A mass explosion from platter to freedom, and Lucy should be the next mass to leave to fer santuary. Sorry Lucy you are not read.
I wish the Edmonton Valley Zoo could have seen this. A mass explosion from platter to freedom. Lucy deserves to be the next one, to go to a Sanctuary. Not the object of a Mass as the Edmonton Meanies would want you to believe so they could be glorified in their
“told you so’s.”

Initially I instigated this piece because I remember well my first blog and the awards from the Word Press staff.  I had 5 likes, and I was so proud. Once I got an award, Most Prolific Blogger. Well, of course, I was the only one. I really didn’t read any others because I needed the time for myself, to discover how it went and to write. I know it was the blogging classes that led to the discovery of a world of people who have marvelous concepts, inspirational, great writers and poets. Easy and like nothing I could have imagined, getting lost in this world for hours, and days?

Now I’m sure, to become a new person, one without cancer, I have to do something special. And I’m doing it. Maybe I don’t hate my art career as much as I thought. I think I was looking at the wrong things, like money and fame in the wrong way and not acknowledging the things that made it the right way.

I drew my first erotic picture about six years ago and have overcome that quirk in my brain that says “dirty” to yummy and lovely.

An ex friend used to say I was ego tripping that so many people have read my blogs.Really…
However with true eartnestness, I add to visual artist, writer, poet, songwriter and thinker.

Hey, this can be a lonely world. Some of us invent others and I found myself talking to a dead dog that bit me, forgive and forget. At this stage in my life I can forget a lot but my memories and narratives are all inspired by real, what a great word, real events. That’s all I will reveal for now.

Waiting for deathbed confessions, lol. A terminal lung cancer diagnosis is no thrill, so a few little perks from and to myself is greedily gobbled up. But I certainly like the way my art goes from here to there and back, convoluting upon it’self.

Thank you Barbara and Good Night.