Life Keeps Getting Better, the Quest for Glory

Fifty years later, who would have thought this could ever happen to me?
I’ve been nominated and I accept this honorable award.
Blogging and painting discovering more to life than chemo.

Why thank you. Oh you’ve recognized that I am a great artist. Upon self examination I agreed. It took me 45 years to say this and sticking with this career should really solidify the title, artist and anchor the psychiatric term, nuts.

Oh do I have to tell all? O.K. my first painting professor told me he could tell me nothing. Why I asked.

He said, if I tell you anything it could hurt you.

It did.  I never went back to the painting department again and that’s is how I came to be a great water color painter.




  1. I love reading about how you came to be who and where you are today. I know there’s a lot more to your story than what you shared on this page but I am so glad you shared what you did here.
    My favorite insights about you:

    “3. I lived in a studio with no heat and that is when I started painting interiors of other people’s homes.

    4. About 10 years ago or more I met my Muse and then I saved my life by painting memories, childhood, with new endings. I saved a fortune on psychiatric bills.”

    Very creative.

    Thank you for my nomination.:)


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