Gay Pride Happens Somewhere, Everywhere

Gay Pride is celebrated in more and more places around the globe. Everyone wants to believe how modern the world is, filled with free thinkers and evolving to extraordinary levels of thought. Well it hasn’t happened yet and who is in charge? The world’s IQ globally seems slightly above a moron. Live and let live people. Who tells you that you have the right to be the boss. Maybe in your country but leave mine alone.
I live in a democracy, where the concept is that all men are created equal. I know that’s not true but in a greater sense this principle strives to set a standard for men to live by.
Many animals live in the jungle but before man set up his rules they peacefully got along, measuring their own territories and establishing a pecking order.
The lion being the biggest and the bravest, will challenge any who wants his crown but he doesn’t call in every beast in his domaine to fight for him, for years.
Can we even live in peace as human beings should? Or will this kinetic frenzy be the new maker of our DNA, destroying not only our environment but our inner world as well.
Our brothers before us let a mess, so, FIX IT.

Why do people have such a disdain for gays? It does seem to me, they love more openly, and it seems to me they have more fun too.
Is it jealousy. Gay people seem more loving, happier and have had long personal battles coming out of the closet.
It happened, it’s over, so move on. Hey You Know it Alls who add prejudice to the fire there’s no stopping them now. Gay souls are

liberated and they now can enjoy their liberation.March on with the Premiere. Very mindful of you to have us join you.  Bravo! fights cancer. The monies I raise go for my alternative cancer treatment. Please help me live.

Barb Mann


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