Pick a Thought, Pick a Child

A Child
A Thought
A Time to Lie
Oops it’s a TV guide
Special treatment my oh my

Pile it on
Mount it high
A Frosty shake from the sky

I love saturation
At least I’m in one place
Rather than meditation
There’s my mind floating by
In outer space

Some things are worse to me
Than worse as opposed to tall
And liverwurst is the very worst of all
Oh no, she cries and starts to bawl

My feet are cement bound
Can’t blog
Can’t jog
Anywhere I’m going to

No wonder
I’m hungry, right back
Where was I
The thought has past


I see the little TV children
My love and change falls from my pockets
Lemonade droplets fall from my sockets
My heart twinges
A gale forms

I miss
The tender little kiss
That blows in the morning mist

Blows off the storm
My heart warms
A link forms
I’m enmeshed in loving you

Live with me
My little room will seem big
With little you in it

I want you to laugh and smile ?
When you see me
That’s what my dog can do
She’ll teach you too

Can your brothers and sisters come? Of course
Roasted marsh mellows slide off hangers,
Nestled with bits of chocolate
Scrunched onto Graham Crackers
S’MORES the Merrier


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